Museum Hanmi Laboratory((formerly) Korea Photographic Culture Research Institute) is an academic research institute established by the Gahyeon Cultural Foundation in January 2009 for the purpose of collecting, organizing, preserving, and researching materials on Korean photography history. Currently, the Museum Hanmi Research Institute is conducting an oral recording project of senior Korean photographers and collecting data on the history of Korean photography. We are collecting and researching the production context and historical meaning of Korean photography through literature and individual and group memories, and through this, we hope to contribute to the understanding of Korean photography culture.



『사진+문화』는 뮤지엄한미 연구소에서 정기적으로 발행하는 기관지로 한국사진사 관련 자료를 공유하고 연구소의 프로젝트를 소개하기 위해 기획되었습니다.